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Scent is an incredibly important sense. You might not think of it much, but the right scent can change your mood, change your opinion of someone, or even bring back an old memory. For many women, an outfit isn't complete without a light dab of the right eau de parfum. That's why QVC carries dozens of choices for women's perfume.

Our perfume collection includes plenty of fine scents that use essences from flowers, wood, tea, patchouli, amber, and musk. If you have a favorite perfume you can order it in a single bottle, but if you're still looking for the perfect perfume or if you like to experiment, we offer discovery kits with multiple perfumes per package. Our collection also includes cologne for men along with perfume for women.

You can also find more than just perfume at If you go to our main fragrance section you can shop by category or shop by the scent you want, such as floral, earthy, warm and spicy, and citrus. You might also like our fragrance kits . These are packages that combine perfume or scented body washes with skin care products and makeup that can emphasize the mood that the scent delivers.