Designed especially for QVC, Breezies® Intimates make feeling fresh and feminine a breeze. Shop our array of women's underwear, including bras and panties, all created with a super-soft UltimAir® lining, which wicks away moisture from your skin, leaving you cool, dry, and comfortable.

Discover all three unique collections of this brand: Breezies, Barely Breezies®, and AngelLove™. The classic Breezies line offers full-support bras and panties. Barely Breezies provides the same great comfort features and support as Breezies, but with modern fabrications and styling. Fashion-forward AngelLove concentrates on incorporating current trends.

From full-coverage and lace styles to seamless and wireless designs, you're sure to find a perfect fit. In addition to comfortable bras and women's underwear, Breezies also offers wardrobe essentials including lace camisoles, tights, and shapewear.