Tired of channel-surfing for something to pique your interest? Is watching videos on your smartphone making you squint? It's time to branch out and try something new. Media streaming devices allow you to stream videos and music from online services right through your television or home theater system.

But that's not all. Most media devices for TV also let you view photos or play music stored on your local network, flash memory cards, or external drives. You can even use your TV media streaming device to watch videos you've downloaded to other computers on your home network and access a range of apps, such as YouTube and Facebook.

With a TV media streaming device, you can easily access an endless variety of content tailored to your unique interests, from your favorite TV reruns to the latest Hollywood releases. Simply connect your HDTV, broadband internet, and home network to the device to open up a world of exciting options. Trying to decide which streaming media device is right for you? QVC offers a wide range of the most popular HD media streaming devices. Shop today to discover the latest brands, including Roku®, Amazon, and Google.