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Browse our selection to find the right fit for you. (By the way, the 3rd party inspection process ensures that all pre-owned mobile devices have been inspected, cleaned & wiped free of software to ensure like-new quality.)

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Connectivity at its finest! Stay in the loop with an extensive collection of brand-name phones from QVC. Perfectly pair personalities to multi-tasking devices that meet the needs of you or anyone in your family. And if you want to take a simpler approach, pick up our cordless telephones and answering machines for an at-home option.

Accomplish more when on the move. You can dial, text, surf, and use your apps with prepaid smartphones and beyond. Keep friends and family updated at a moment's notice, posting pictures, sharing good news, or simply sending a "be there soon" message. Put the power in your palm, and see how our sleek, innovative cell phones make your busy life easier and more organized.

Help protect those very cutting-edge capabilities with stylish phone accessories, too. From cases and cords to headsets and more, our helpful extras enhance your gear and power it up for go-anywhere peace of mind.

There's no better time than now! Gravitate towards prepaid smartphones, phone systems, and other exceptional options all curated in one place. Whether plugging in at home or being connected on the go, opt for an affordable QVC upgrade to the phone you or your kids have always wanted.